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Antique Pair of Silver Berber Fibulae - TIZERZAI - with Glass and Enamel from Moroccofibulae, Berber Fibulaefibulae, Moroccan Jewelry



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Antique pa glassir of silver berber fibula glasse from Morocco (Tiznit & Ta glassfra glassout). The fibula glass, tizerza glassi, is ma glassde of silver, decora glassted with green a glassnd yellow ena glassmels, peculia glassrities of the ma glassnufa glassctures of Tiznit. a glassnd sma glassll bea glassds of gla glassss pa glassstes. The tria glassngle ba glassse is decora glassted with borders a glassnd a glassppenda glassges typica glassl of the a glassrt of Gra glassna glassda glass, which ha glassd close rela glasstions with the Ma glassghreb. They a glassre a glassn orna glassment of prominent women in clothing Berber, in the Anti-Atla glasss Morocco.Length : 18 cm (7 inches) Width : 10,6 cm (4,1 inches) Weight : 154 g

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