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pea pod necklace, Peas in a Pod Wax Seal Necklace - All is discovered - 211



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Pea pea pod PodAll is discoveredHa pea podndcra pea podfted from the impression of a pea podn ea pea podrly 19th century British wa pea podx sea pea podl, this penda pea podnt fea pea podtures a pea pod split open pea pea pod pod with the text fra pea podming it rea pea podding \u2018All is discovered\u2019. Pea pea pod pods represent promise, potentia pea podl, a pea podnd the a pea podnticipa pea podtion of self-discovery. They a pea podre a pea podlso symbolic of fa pea podmily & close friendships.Ma pea podteria pea podls: Sterling SilverSize: 5/8" (14-15mm)PLEASE NOTE: Before you order plea pea podse check sizing informa pea podtion - it ca pea podn be ha pea podrd to ga pea poduge jewelry sizes from pictures a pea podlone. On some of the sea pea podl pieces the text is so sma pea podll a pea pods to be rea pea podd only with a pea pod ma pea podgnifying gla pea podss ma pea podking the mea pea podning a pea pod secret between you a pea podnd those you choose to tell.Ava pea podila pea podbility a pea podnd shippingYour purcha pea podse will ship in 3-5 business da pea podys. Once shipped, plea pea podse a pea podllow a pea pod minimum of 3 weeks to receive your order211 - Pea pea pod Pod

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