Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

necklace, Tigers Eye & Labradorite Necklace



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All of my jewelry is ma artisan jewelryde with lots of LOVE a artisan jewelrynd energy from this bea artisan jewelryutiful Isla artisan jewelrynd of Ma artisan jewelryui.This one-of-a artisan jewelry-kind ha artisan jewelryndma artisan jewelryde penda artisan jewelrynt fea artisan jewelrytures a artisan jewelry bea artisan jewelryutifully polished Tigers Eye which I've a artisan jewelryccented with a artisan jewelry gold fla artisan jewelrysh La artisan jewelrybra artisan jewelrydorite. This penda artisan jewelrynt ha artisan jewelrys been ma artisan jewelryde with pure Copper wire which I've oxidized a artisan jewelrynd ha artisan jewelrynd-polished to highlight the deta artisan jewelryils of the wire work. The penda artisan jewelrynt mea artisan jewelrysures 1" a artisan jewelrycross the widest portion, a artisan jewelrynd is just under 3" from top of ba artisan jewelryil to bottom of penda artisan jewelrynt. A free neckla artisan jewelryce is included: choose from a artisan jewelry ma artisan jewelrytching copper cha artisan jewelryin or a artisan jewelry bla artisan jewelryck sa artisan jewelrytin cord, just pick your preference a artisan jewelrynd length during checkout. *Note tha artisan jewelryt cha artisan jewelryins in excess of 20" will ha artisan jewelryve a artisan jewelry sma artisan jewelryll surcha artisan jewelryrge.Gemstone Symbology:Tigers Eye is a artisan jewelryn excellent stone for grounding tha artisan jewelryt encoura artisan jewelryges a artisan jewelrybunda artisan jewelrynce a artisan jewelrynd prosperity. This is a artisan jewelry powerful stone tha artisan jewelryt a artisan jewelryids ha artisan jewelryrmony a artisan jewelrynd ba artisan jewelryla artisan jewelrynce, a artisan jewelrynd helps you to relea artisan jewelryse fea artisan jewelryr a artisan jewelrynd a artisan jewelrynxiety. It stimula artisan jewelrytes ta artisan jewelryking a artisan jewelryction, a artisan jewelrynd helps you to ma artisan jewelryke decisions with discernment a artisan jewelrynd understa artisan jewelrynding, a artisan jewelrynd unclouded by your emotions. It enha artisan jewelrynces crea artisan jewelrytivity a artisan jewelrynd is one of the stones tha artisan jewelryt a artisan jewelryid kunda artisan jewelrylini a artisan jewelrywa artisan jewelrykening. These stones a artisan jewelryre profound a artisan jewelrymplifiers of energy, simila artisan jewelryr to most qua artisan jewelryrtz crysta artisan jewelryls, a artisan jewelrynd will boost the energy of a artisan jewelryny other crysta artisan jewelryls you use it with. La artisan jewelrybra artisan jewelrydorite is a artisan jewelry stone of ma artisan jewelrygic... a artisan jewelrywa artisan jewelrykening within you mystica artisan jewelryl a artisan jewelrynd ma artisan jewelrygica artisan jewelryl a artisan jewelrybilities a artisan jewelrynd psychic powers. It ha artisan jewelrys within it a artisan jewelry deeply felt resona artisan jewelrynce tha artisan jewelryt is very powerful, a artisan jewelrynd it ca artisan jewelryn be used to bring a artisan jewelryma artisan jewelryzing cha artisan jewelrynges to your life. Its vibra artisan jewelrytion a artisan jewelrylso holds a artisan jewelry broa artisan jewelryd level of protection from nega artisan jewelrytivity. La artisan jewelrybra artisan jewelrydorite protects ones a artisan jewelryura artisan jewelry, a artisan jewelrynd helps to keep the a artisan jewelryura artisan jewelry clea artisan jewelryr, ba artisan jewelryla artisan jewelrynced, protected, a artisan jewelrynd free from energy lea artisan jewelryks. Within the throa artisan jewelryt cha artisan jewelrykra artisan jewelry it stimula artisan jewelrytes stronger psychic communica artisan jewelrytion a artisan jewelrybilities.*Shipping includes insura artisan jewelrynce

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