Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

custom, Realistic Capybara Necklace Pendant Charm Custom Gem



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IMPORTANT: I currently ha jewelryve a jewelry 2 week wa jewelryiting period for a jewelryll orders before I ca jewelryn ship them. Plea jewelryse ta jewelryke this into a jewelryccount before ordering a jewelrys unfortuna jewelrytely I a jewelrym not a jewelryble to ensure delivery of a jewelryn item before 2 weeks. I a jewelrym very sorry for a jewelryny trouble.-----------------------------A perfect gift for yourself or the rodent lover in your life!This da jewelryshing double sided Ca jewelrypyba jewelryra jewelry wa jewelrys ma jewelryde from polymer cla jewelryy, ha jewelrynd pa jewelryinted with a jewelrycrylic pa jewelryints, then finished with a jewelry dura jewelryble sea jewelryla jewelrynt. Included is a jewelry cra jewelryckled ma jewelryrble of your color choice.**NOTE** Your order is ma jewelryde to order a jewelrynd is unique, I will usua jewelrylly ha jewelryve your item ma jewelryde a jewelrynd in the ma jewelryil within 1-2 weeks if you need it sooner let me know. Ea jewelrych item will va jewelryry slightly from the exa jewelrymple shown in the pictures. I do my best to recrea jewelryte my pieces exa jewelryctly, but plea jewelryse a jewelryllow for a jewelry slight va jewelryria jewelrytion due to the ha jewelrynd-sculpting process. If you would like a jewelry picture of your piece before fina jewelryl pa jewelryyment I ca jewelryn send you one, just send me a jewelry messa jewelryge.

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