Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

lampwork, Kim V Glass Lampwork and Crackle Glass Necklace and Earrings



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Kim V Gla lampworkss La lampworkmpwork a lampworknd Cra lampworkckle Gla lampworkss neckla lampworkce a lampworknd ea lampworkrrings ma lampworkde with silver tone findingsNeckla lampworkce length a lampworkpprox. 36cm disincluding toggleEa lampworkrrings a lampworks shownPrice for posta lampworkge is indica lampworktive a lampworknd only a lampworkctua lampworkl shipping a lampworknd pa lampworkcka lampworkging costs will be cha lampworkrged. Any overa lampworkge will be refunded. Posta lampworkge within Austra lampworklia lampwork will be via lampwork registered post.The pictures form pa lampworkrt of this listing.Customs a lampworknd duties in the destina lampworktion country do not form pa lampworkrt of the price. They a lampworkre the responsibility of the buyer.

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