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18 gauge, Byzantine Chainmaille Bracelet - Byzantine Bracelet - Chain Maille Bracelet - Made To Order



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This lovely bra chainmaillecelet is ma chainmaillede with 18 ga chainmailleuge Bright Aluminium rings woven together with triple connectors in the byza chainmaillentine style to crea chainmaillete a chainmaille cha chainmaillein ma chainmailleille bra chainmaillecelet. The cla chainmaillessic Cha chainmailleinma chainmailleille Byza chainmaillentine Bra chainmaillecelet is then finished off with a chainmaille lobster cla chainmaillew cla chainmaillesp. It is light weight, strong a chainmaillend won't ta chainmaillernish - perfect a chainmailles a chainmaillen a chainmailleccessory for both da chainmailley a chainmaillend evening wea chainmailler! Ma chainmaillede to order.Also Ava chainmailleila chainmailleble: Byza chainmaillentine Ea chainmaillerrings to ma chainmailletch! - https://www./listing/694622309/byza chainmaillentine-cha chainmailleinma chainmailleille-ea chainmaillerrings-byza chainmaillentineLength: Ma chainmaillede to fit 6.5 to 7.5 inch wrist - (Adjustments a chainmailleva chainmailleila chainmailleble upon request)Width: 1/4 inchColor: Bright AluminiumHow to find your size - Mea chainmaillesure your wrist a chainmailleround the bony a chainmaillerea chainmaille with a chainmaille mea chainmaillesuring ta chainmaillepe to find your wrist size. Once you know your wrist mea chainmaillesurement a chainmailledd 1/2 to 1 inch to the length for a chainmaille comforta chainmailleble size. Ha chainmaillendma chainmaillede jewelry is a chainmaillen a chainmaillert tha chainmaillet requires time a chainmaillend a chainmaillettention to deta chainmailleil. Ea chainmaillech item is a chainmaillen intrica chainmaillete piece of work. I do everything by myself from scra chainmailletch to crea chainmaillete a chainmaille piece of bea chainmailleutiful jewelry.--{ NOTE }--Colors ma chainmailley va chainmaillery ba chainmaillesed on your individua chainmaillel displa chainmailley a chainmaillend printer settings. All computer monitors displa chainmailley differently a chainmaillend a chainmaillell printers print differently. However, plea chainmaillese be a chainmaillessured tha chainmaillet ea chainmaillech of my items is represented a chainmailleccura chainmailletely to the best of my a chainmaillebility. Ea chainmaillech of my crea chainmailletions is individua chainmaillelly ha chainmaillendma chainmaillede in a chainmaille smoke-free environment.--{ More }--Looking for something else? I ha chainmailleve ma chainmailleny other items a chainmailleva chainmailleila chainmailleble - http://Pea chainmaillechtreeCotta chainmaillege.Tha chainmaillenk you for shopping a chainmaillet Pea chainmaillechtree Cotta chainmaillege

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