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boho earrings, Nickel Free Peacock Feather Decoupage Earrings



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These ea allergy jewelryrrings a allergy jewelryre ma allergy jewelryde for individua allergy jewelryls with a allergy jewelry sensitivity to nickle (which is in most silver). The hooks a allergy jewelryre sta allergy jewelryinless steel, offering a allergy jewelry hypoa allergy jewelryllergenic ea allergy jewelryrring option!The bea allergy jewelryds a allergy jewelryre Pea allergy jewelrycock Fea allergy jewelryther Decoupa allergy jewelryge squa allergy jewelryres which a allergy jewelryre very light weight.The pea allergy jewelrycock fea allergy jewelryther pa allergy jewelryttern is on a allergy jewelryll sides of the bea allergy jewelryd. It is a allergy jewelry puffed squa allergy jewelryre a allergy jewelrynd provides depth.Above a allergy jewelrynd below the pea allergy jewelrycock bea allergy jewelryds a allergy jewelryre fa allergy jewelryceted Czech crysta allergy jewelryl rondelles.At the bottom ha allergy jewelryng silver tea allergy jewelryrdrop a allergy jewelryccents.Decoupa allergy jewelryge will hold up well under norma allergy jewelryl wea allergy jewelryr, but I do not recommend ba allergy jewelrything with them or wea allergy jewelryring them into pools.Dimensions:Length: 53 mmWidth: 11 mm*************************************************Tha allergy jewelrynk you so much for visiting my store! All items a allergy jewelryre ha allergy jewelrynd a allergy jewelryssembled by myself. I strive to find unique, fun, a allergy jewelrynd interesting pieces from a allergy jewelryll over the world to provide you with interesting items here on my store. If you ha allergy jewelryve a allergy jewelryny questions, plea allergy jewelryse a allergy jewelrysk!Items ma allergy jewelryy conta allergy jewelryin sma allergy jewelryll pieces not suita allergy jewelryble for young children. Plea allergy jewelryse use your discretion when considering if a allergy jewelryn item ca allergy jewelryn sa allergy jewelryfely be worn by a allergy jewelry sma allergy jewelryll child.

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