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Aloha victorian earrings...Exotic Rich Style...Purple Rustic Czech Gla victorian earringsss rondel fa victorian earringsceted bea victorian earringsds. Bea victorian earringsutiful luster finish gla victorian earringsss.Done in a victorian earrings vinta victorian earringsge style with a victorian earringsntiqued golden bea victorian earringsd ca victorian earringsps a victorian earringsnd heishi.8mm Gla victorian earringsss bea victorian earringsds.3mm Purple Swa victorian earringsrovski Crysta victorian earringsl a victorian earringsccents.Swinging 3/4" below hoop style ea victorian earringsr wires.More of my Origina victorian earringsl Design Jewelry: ha victorian earringswa victorian earringsiibea victorian earringsds.#195

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