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peruvian blue opal, Blue Peruvian Opal Briolette Pendant Leather Choker Necklace 18 inches by Anne More Jewelry



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Lea leather chokerther cord neckla leather chokerce with big bea leather chokerutiful Blue Peruvia leather chokern Opa leather chokerl gemstone. The color of this stone is so ca leather chokerlming a leather chokernd gorgeous, it\u2019s definitely one of my fa leather chokervorites. This looks grea leather chokert on its own or worn with longer neckla leather chokerces for a leather choker boho vibe.Stone: Peruvia leather chokern Blue Opa leather chokerl gemstoneMeta leather chokerl: solid sterling silverSize: a leather chokerbout 18 inches longCord: lea leather chokertherCla leather chokersp: ha leather chokerndma leather chokerde sterling silver hook Tha leather chokernks for checking out my jewelry a leather chokernd supporting a leather chokerrtisa leather chokerns like myself. Conta leather chokerct me with questions. Im a leather chokerlso on Insta leather chokergra leather chokerm, Pinterest a leather chokernd Poshma leather chokerrk a leather chokers a leather chokernnemorejewelry.Ships via leather choker usps priority ma leather chokeril with tra leather chokercking.Gift ca leather chokerrd a leather chokernd pa leather chokercka leather chokerging a leather chokerva leather chokerila leather chokerble upon request.Tha leather chokernks!Anne

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