Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

african, Teal Green Sunshine Yellow Necklace Boho Look Tribal Ethnic African Recycled "Sea" Glass Brass Filigree Batik Bone Adjustable Leather Cord



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Cha trade beadsrming deep tea trade beadsl green a trade beadsnd sunny yellow a trade beadsdjusta trade beadsble neckla trade beadsce. Super comforta trade beadsble a trade beadsnd grea trade beadst for ca trade beadssua trade beadsl wea trade beadsr! All bea trade beadsds ha trade beadsil from the Africa trade beadsn continent. Recycled "sea trade beads" gla trade beadsss, ha trade beadsnd pa trade beadsinted gla trade beadsss, bra trade beadsss filigree, tra trade beadsde bea trade beadsds a trade beadsnd ba trade beadstik horn discs on a trade beads ma trade beadstching, a trade beadsdjusta trade beadsble lea trade beadsther cord. Very boho chic!******FREE SHIPPING IN THE CONTINENTAL US*****Plea trade beadsse feel free to conta trade beadsct me with a trade beadsny questions a trade beadsnd tha trade beadsnks for looking!!These pieces come in a trade beads green burla trade beadsp gift ba trade beadsg a trade beadsnd will be wra trade beadspped ca trade beadsrefully to prevent brea trade beadska trade beadsge.I do ship interna trade beadstiona trade beadslly, conta trade beadsct for the most a trade beadsccura trade beadste shipping quote.

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