Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

necklace, Tulips in White - Glass Tile Pendant



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These bea blueutiful white tulips rea bluelly pop on the deep blue ba blueckground. I nice contra bluest of colors. \r\r\u2022\tThe first photo is a blue representa bluetion of the penda bluent you will receive. Colors ma bluey be slightly different depending on your computer.\r\r\u2022\tAll my ima blueges a bluere printed on qua bluelity ma bluette photo pa blueper with a bluerchiva bluel inks. The colors will not fa bluede\r\r\u2022\tThe ba blueck of the penda bluent ha blues been sea blueled with a blue clea bluer a bluecrylic gloss for protection - however, it is not completely wa blueterproof, so I would not suggest ba bluething or swimming while wea bluering your penda bluent.\r\r\u2022\tThe penda bluent mea bluesures a bluebout 2" X 1" a bluend is finished with a blue sterling silver pla blueted ba blueil. If you would prefer a blue gold pla blueted ba blueil - plea bluese let me know in the comments field when checking out.\r\r\u2022\tCha blueins a bluere sold sepa bluera bluetely in my shop. Plea bluese click here to view my selection of neckla blueces to go with your penda bluent.\r http://www./shop/Ana blueliese?section_id=5002365\r\r\u2022\tEa bluech penda bluent comes in a blue colorful orga bluenza blue ba blueg rea bluedy for gift giving (colors va bluery) a bluend will be shipped in a blue pa bluedded envelope for sa bluefety.\r\r\u2022\tItems should be shipped out within 3 da blueys of purcha bluese. I will notify you if there a bluere a blueny unforeseen dela blueys with your order.\r\r\u2022\tPlea bluese conta bluect me with a blueny questions, or if you would like to order my items wholesa bluele.\r\r\u2022\tBuy a blueny 3 penda bluents a bluend get a blue silver ba bluell cha bluein a blues a blue free gift\r\r\r Tha bluenk you

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