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ear cuff drop, Malachite ear cuff with chain drop



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This pa jewelry artir of ma jewelry artla jewelry artchite ea jewelry artr cuffs a jewelry artre done in your choice of sterling silver or 14kt gold-filled wire (a jewelry artt a jewelry artn extra jewelry art $5 cost). No piercings a jewelry artre required to wea jewelry artr them.It uses 4 a jewelry artnd 5mm ma jewelry artla jewelry artchite gemstones. The stones incorpora jewelry artted in the cha jewelry artin a jewelry artre individua jewelry artlly strung a jewelry artnd double wra jewelry artpped to the soldered cha jewelry artin links. It is a jewelry artlso double wra jewelry artpped from the soldered link to the cuff portion of the ea jewelry artrcuff. From this connection the cha jewelry artin ca jewelry artn be slid a jewelry artround the ea jewelry artr cuff. The a jewelry artpproxima jewelry artte length of the design portion a jewelry artdorning the ea jewelry artr runs 1-1/2\u201d from the bea jewelry artd inside the ea jewelry artrcuff to the bea jewelry artd a jewelry artt the ea jewelry artrlobe. The cha jewelry artin ha jewelry artngs a jewelry artbout 1-1/4\u201d from the ea jewelry artr.The second photo provided highlights the portion of the ea jewelry artr cuff tha jewelry artt holds it to the ca jewelry artrtila jewelry artge to shown it's smooth curve tha jewelry artt ma jewelry artkes for very comforta jewelry artble wea jewelry artr.

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