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stars, Taffy Galaxies Combination Pin/Pendant



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Unique, one-of-a brooches-kind wea broochesra broochesble polymer cla broochesy a broochesrt. "Ta broochesffy Ga broochesla broochesxies" is fitted with a brooches locking ba broochesr pin, but a broocheslso comes with a brooches pla broochesstic sleeve, so tha broochest the pin ca broochesn be converted to a brooches penda broochesnt, doubling your plea broochessure! Cra broochesfted from a brooches pa broocheslette of dozens of colors of polymer cla broochesy, blended a broochesnd la broochesyered for dimensiona broocheslity a broochesnd contra broochesstEa broochesch piece is given a brooches distinctive na broochesme, a broochesnd this one is pa broochesrt of my series entitled "Deep Sky Objects", which reflect my interpreta broochestion of a broochesstronomica broochesl objects beyond our sola broochesr system. Dia broochesmeter - 2" round polymer cla broochesy disk

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