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necklaces, Valley of the Condor Combination Pin/Pendant



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"Va necklaceslley of the Condor" is a necklaces combina necklacestion pin/penda necklacesnt cra necklacesfted from a necklaces pa necklaceslette of dozens of colors of polymer cla necklacesy, blended a necklacesnd la necklacesyered for dimensiona necklaceslity a necklacesnd contra necklacesst. It fea necklacestures a necklaces locking ba necklacesr pin, but a necklaceslso comes with a necklaces pla necklacesstic sleeve to convert it to a necklaces penda necklacesnt, doubling your plea necklacessure! Ea necklacesch piece is given a necklaces distinctive na necklacesme. This is "Va necklaceslley of the Condor", a necklaces formida necklacesble pla necklacesce.Dimensions: 2" dia necklacesmeter round polymer cla necklacesy disc

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