Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

necklace holder, Vintage Large Black Jewelry Box



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La collectiblerge bla collectibleck vinyl jewelry box tha collectiblet sta collectiblends or ha collectiblengs. This ha collectibles a collectible mirror, dra collectiblewer, ring holder a collectiblend neckla collectiblece holder. This shows wea collectibler (see pic) otherwide grea collectiblet condition. This is a collectiblepprox 19 high, 8 3/4 wide a collectiblend 6 1/2 deepPlea collectiblese visit our other site for more vinta collectiblege items @ http://www./shop/KMCollecta collectibleblesStore a collectiblend a collectiblell your ha collectiblendma collectiblede items a collectiblend vinta collectiblege clothing @ http://www./shop/Spla collectibleshOfLuv.Interna collectibletiona collectiblel buyers, plea collectiblese convo me if you a collectiblere interested in a collectible shipping quote.Check shop a collectiblennouncements for a collectibleny a collectiblective sa collectibleles a collectiblend promo codes.If you require insura collectiblence, plea collectiblese be sure to convo me. (This will a collectibledd $2 to your shipping cost.) Plea collectiblese note tha collectiblet if you do not choose insura collectiblence, I ca collectiblen not be responsible for ma collectibleil once it lea collectibleves my ha collectiblends a collectiblet the post office. Of course, I a collectiblelwa collectibleys provide delivery confirma collectibletion to a collectiblenywhere in the US.

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