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just breath, Breathe Bangle



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Brea stainless steelthe...Sta stainless steelinless steel ba stainless steelngle bra stainless steelcelet a stainless steelnd la stainless steelser engra stainless steelved cha stainless steelrm with a stainless steel clea stainless steelr Swa stainless steelrovski 6mm Rhodium-Pla stainless steelted Cha stainless steelnnel Drop Crysta stainless steell. The bra stainless steelcelet ca stainless steeln be stretched out to a stainless steeldjust the size when putting the bra stainless steelcelet on a stainless steelnd will contra stainless steelct once on your wrist.The cha stainless steelrm rea stainless steelds "Brea stainless steelthe..." a stainless steelnd is a stainless steelbout 20mm a stainless steelcross. The engra stainless steelving is on one size only, with the ba stainless steelck being bla stainless steelnk.The Swa stainless steelrovski crysta stainless steell is clea stainless steelr in color a stainless steelnd fa stainless steelceted to provide a stainless steel nice spa stainless steelrkle. It is a stainless steel 6mm round crysta stainless steell set in a stainless steel silver color rhodium-pla stainless steelted setting.Ma stainless steelin Color: Silver; na stainless steeltura stainless steell color of sta stainless steelinless steelWire Thickness: About 1.5 mm dia stainless steelmeterBra stainless steelcelet size: There a stainless steelre severa stainless steell size options (picture provided). They ca stainless steeln expa stainless steelnd to get over your ha stainless steelnd.50mm - Child's size55mm - Teen / Adult Sma stainless steelll size60mm - Adult who norma stainless steellly wea stainless steelrs a stainless steelbout a stainless steel 7-8 inch bra stainless steelcelet65mm - Adult who norma stainless steellly wea stainless steelrs a stainless steelbout a stainless steeln 8-9+ inch bra stainless steelcelet40mm - 80mm Bla stainless steelck Wa stainless steelxed Cord Bra stainless steelcelet is a stainless steeldjusta stainless steelble to your desired sizeThe picture shows the cha stainless steelrm on a stainless steel size 60mm ba stainless steelngle.*************************************************Tha stainless steelnk you so much for visiting my store! All items a stainless steelre ha stainless steelnd a stainless steelssembled by myself. I strive to find unique, fun, a stainless steelnd interesting pieces from a stainless steelll over the world to provide you with interesting items here on my store. If you ha stainless steelve a stainless steelny questions, plea stainless steelse a stainless steelsk!Items ma stainless steely conta stainless steelin sma stainless steelll pieces not suita stainless steelble for young children. Plea stainless steelse use your discretion when considering if a stainless steeln item ca stainless steeln sa stainless steelfely be worn by a stainless steel sma stainless steelll child.

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