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Red Ruby Pipe Shiny Step Bla ruby ringck Tungsten RingFa ruby ringcts & Fea ruby ringtures -Shiny Finish -Bla ruby ringck Color -Pipe Design -Shiny Edges -0.10CT Na ruby ringtura ruby ringl Red Ruby-Stepped Design -Ring Is Ma ruby ringde Comfort Fit-All Sizes Ava ruby ringila ruby ringble - 5 - 13 HALF SIZES & QUARTER SIZES AVAILABLE!-Width - 8mm-FREE CUSTOM ENGRAVING - 45 cha ruby ringra ruby ringcters including symbols (hea ruby ringrt,infinity symbol,cross etc..)Estima ruby ringted Processing Time - 3 to 5 business da ruby ringys Shipping - Includes Free Tra ruby ringcking Expedited Shipping? Plea ruby ringse a ruby ringsk for expedited shipping we ha ruby ringve a ruby ringll options a ruby ringva ruby ringila ruby ringble.Before Submitting Order Plea ruby ringse nota ruby ringte inside comment box:Ring Size Engra ruby ringving Width Font TypeFa ruby ringcts a ruby ringbout Tungsten Ma ruby ringteria ruby ringl:Tungsten ma ruby ringteria ruby ringl is the ha ruby ringrdest meta ruby ringl tha ruby ringt's used for jewelry. Tungsten ca ruby ringrbide is scra ruby ringtch resists ma ruby ringteria ruby ringl. Tungsten ca ruby ringn ta ruby ringke da ruby ringy to da ruby ringy bea ruby ringting a ruby ringnd it ca ruby ringn still look the sa ruby ringme a ruby ringfter couple yea ruby ringrs. Plea ruby ringse know na ruby ringtura ruby ringl tungsten color is silver grey. To a ruby ringdd colors on top of the meta ruby ringl it does go trough few pla ruby ringting process. Pla ruby ringting is very strong on tungsten rings but we strongly recommend keeping your ring a ruby ringwa ruby ringy from tough environments.

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