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silver skull, Half Skull Skeleton Ring in Sterling Silver with Textured Band Unique and Handmade



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Ima silver skullgina silver skulltion is more importa silver skullnt tha silver skulln knowledge\u2026 (Albert Einstein)One of a silver skull kind ha silver skullnd fa silver skullbrica silver skullted ring of a silver skull ha silver skulllf skull.I etched the skull design into a silver skull fla silver skullt sheet of sterling silver then used a silver skull jeweler's sa silver skullw to cut a silver skulln outline.\u00a silver skull0 I then soldered tha silver skullt to a silver skullnother sheet of sterling silver a silver skullnd soldered the "set" to a silver skull ha silver skullnd fa silver skullbrica silver skullted sterling silver ring ba silver skullnd.As fina silver skulll touches I ga silver skullve the ring ba silver skullnd a silver skull ha silver skullmmer texture a silver skullnd I oxidized the recesses of the etched skull.A unique piece wa silver skulliting for a silver skull unique person.The ring is a silver skull U.S.\u00a silver skull0size 9.52405\u00a silver skull0

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