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long chain earrings, EARRING - Gold Circle Threader Earrings / Minimal Drop Earrings / Pyrite Gemstone Dangle Earrings



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\u2661Gorgeous a dangly earringsnd Cha dangly earringsrming Gold Bezel Pyrite Tea dangly earringsrdrop a dangly earringsnd Gold Circle Cha dangly earringsin Ea dangly earringsr Threa dangly earringsders\u2661~ Length - Tota dangly earringsl length is a dangly earringspprox 2.25 Inches ~ Ea dangly earringsrring Ma dangly earringsteria dangly earringsls - Gold Filled U ca dangly earringsble cha dangly earringsin, very high qua dangly earringslity ~ (the "u" pa dangly earringsrt of the ca dangly earringsble cha dangly earringsin stops the cha dangly earringsin from sliding through your ea dangly earringsrring hole, keeping it perfectly in pla dangly earringsce) a dangly earringsnd textured 14K Gold Filled circle cha dangly earringsin~ Ea dangly earringsrring Stone - Sma dangly earringsll-sized Gold Vermeil bezel Pyrite tea dangly earringsrdrop (15x7mm)** For more pictures, mea dangly earringssurements, etc. plea dangly earringsse conta dangly earringsct me via dangly earrings this listing. La dangly earringsrger qua dangly earringsntities a dangly earringslso a dangly earringsva dangly earringsila dangly earringsble. *** Interna dangly earringstiona dangly earringsl customers, plea dangly earringsse conta dangly earringsct me with your loca dangly earringstion for a dangly earrings shipping quote.

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