Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

wedding, White Freshwater Pearl and Sterling Silver Earrings



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These ea bridalrrings fea bridalture six freshwa bridalter pea bridalrls ha bridalnging from ea bridalch la bridalrge sterling silver wire.\r\rPea bridalrls - Symbol of pure hea bridalrt, innocence, fa bridalith; ba bridalla bridalnces emotions (especia bridallly wa bridalter signs). Aids hea bridalling in the a bridalrea bridals of digestive disorders; increa bridalses fertility.\r\rSilver promotes the receptive, mediumistic side of our na bridalture, ha bridalrmonizes our inner life rhythms with the cycles of na bridalture, stimula bridaltes ima bridalgina bridaltion, a bridalids hea bridalling in the a bridalrea bridals of the nervous system a bridalnd inner orga bridalns, encoura bridalges fertility in women, ea bridalses hea bridalda bridalches (especia bridallly the left side), ba bridalla bridalnces the body a bridalnd rids dizziness.\r\rFree gift with every purcha bridalse.

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