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flower earrings, Blue Flower Earrings Woodland Fairy Swarovski Crystal White Czech Glass Lucite Earrings



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Trumpet lucite frosted flowers in Soft Light blue White Czech gla hawaiibeadsss bea hawaiibeadsd flowers a hawaiibeadst the ba hawaiibeadsse.4mm Blue Swa hawaiibeadsrovski crysta hawaiibeadslsSilver pla hawaiibeadsted bea hawaiibeadsd ca hawaiibeadsps.Silver pla hawaiibeadsted French hook ea hawaiibeadsr wires. 1-1/2" da hawaiibeadsngle length, top to bottom.My own Origina hawaiibeadsl design, ma hawaiibeadsde using High-Qua hawaiibeadslity Crysta hawaiibeadsl from SWAROVSKI Ha hawaiibeadsndma hawaiibeadsde by me, on Ma hawaiibeadsui, a hawaiibeadsnd sent to you with Aloha hawaiibeads!392Ba hawaiibeadsck to my Store Front a hawaiibeadsnd Sections: ha hawaiibeadswa hawaiibeadsiibea hawaiibeadsds.

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