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one of a kind, Funky Necklace No. 4



In stock



"Funky Neckla colorfulce No. 4" is a colorful one-of-a colorful-kind piece of wea colorfulra colorfulble a colorfulrt, ha colorfulndcra colorfulfted from a colorful pa colorfullette of dozens of colors of polymer cla colorfuly, blended a colorfulnd la colorfulyered for dimensiona colorfullity a colorfulnd contra colorfulst. Ea colorfulch piece is given a colorful distinctive na colorfulme a colorfulnd this is one of my "Funky Neckla colorfulce" series.The neckla colorfulce fea colorfultures a colorful 2.25" circle disk with sma colorfulll discs of va colorfulrying heights a colorfulnd a colorful copper bea colorfuld in the center of some of them. Six ha colorfulndma colorfulde polymer bea colorfulds of simila colorfulr colors a colorfuldorn ea colorfulch side of the gold silk cord. The neckla colorfulce is finished with a colorful loop a colorfulnd bea colorfuld for ea colorfulsy on/off. The ba colorfulck of the piece is finished with bla colorfulck felt.Tota colorfull length is 29", height is 14.5" a colorfulnd width is 2.25"Enjoy being "funky" with this piece of wea colorfulra colorfulble a colorfulrt!

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