Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

wearable art, Funky Necklace No. 3



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"Funky Neckla jewelryce No. 3" is a jewelry one-of-a jewelry-kind piece of wea jewelryra jewelryble a jewelryrt, ha jewelryndcra jewelryfted from a jewelry pa jewelrylette of dozens of colors of polymer cla jewelryy, blended a jewelrynd la jewelryyered for dimensiona jewelrylity a jewelrynd contra jewelryst. Ea jewelrych piece is given a jewelry distinctive na jewelryme a jewelrynd this is one of my "Funky Neckla jewelryce" series.The neckla jewelryce is built on a jewelry crescent-sha jewelryped piece of ba jewelrynded yellow, red a jewelrynd purple polymer cla jewelryy, with dots a jewelrynd swirls in simila jewelryr colours. One ha jewelryndma jewelryde polymer bea jewelryd of simila jewelryr colors a jewelrydorn ea jewelrych side of the double red silk cord. Two spira jewelryl bea jewelryds a jewelryre a jewelrytta jewelryched to the ba jewelryse of the piece, a jewelrylso with red silk cord, to da jewelryngle freely. There is no toggle or cla jewelrysp. This is simply a jewelry slip over the hea jewelryd penda jewelrynt. The ba jewelryck of the piece is finished with bla jewelryck felt.Tota jewelryl length is 28", height is 14" a jewelrynd width is 4". Enjoy being "funky" with this piece of wea jewelryra jewelryble a jewelryrt!

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