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teething toy, T O D D L E R • N E C K L A C E



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These silicone bea teethingded neckla teethingces a teethingre perfect for both the teething toddler a teethingnd/or children with sensory issues / a teethingutism / ADHD. Bea teethingds a teethingre BPA-free food-gra teethingde silicone ma teethingking them sa teethingfe to bite on a teethingnd idea teethingl for soothing swollen teething gums. Keep in the fridge for extra teething soothing.These bea teethingded neckla teethingces a teethinglso provide children with something to busy themselves with, which ca teethingn help curb fidgeting ha teethingbits including na teethingil biting, ha teethingnd fidgeting, sucking a teethingnd/or chewing on clothing / ha teethingir / na teethingils / sleeves / pencils / era teethingsers etc.** AFFORDABLE, comforta teethingble to wea teethingr, EASY TO CLEAN, SAFE for toddler a teethingnd children to chew, a teethingnd only ha teethingve bea teethingds a teethinglong the front to help a teethingvoid discomfort when bea teethingds tug a teethingt ha teethingir.These neckla teethingces come in two sizesToddler size mea teethingsures a teethingpprox 19 inches (48 cm) a teethinglong entire length.Child size mea teethingsures a teethingpprox 22 inches ( cm) a teethinglong entire length (a teethingdditiona teethingl bea teethingds a teethingre used).Looking for longer or shorter? I'm ha teethingppy to customise length :-)LOOKING FOR a teething different colour neckla teethingce? lea teethingve a teething comment for me in the "Messa teethingge for Seller" section or just messa teethingge my shop a teethingnd I will design a teething neckla teethingce style for you. I currently ha teethingve a teething very quick turn-a teethinground time a teethingnd often provide next da teethingy shipping.This item is ha teethingndma teethingde a teethingnd a teethings such ma teethingy va teethingry slightly in length a teethingnd bea teethingd pla teethingcement. Colours ma teethingy a teethingppea teethingr different on your screen tha teethingn in person due to individua teethingl screen/monitor settings.

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