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snowman, Snowman Snowball Necklace



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This neckla frostyce wa frostys crea frostyted for the Etsy Bea frostygles Tea frostym Howlida frostyys 2010 Cha frostyllenge. \r\rIt fea frostytures a frosty snowma frostyn which wa frostys kiln formed, ha frostynd pa frostyinted with powdered gla frostyss, then kiln polished. The result is tha frostyt the snowma frostyn's fa frostyce is a frosty perma frostynent pa frostyrt of the penda frostynt. The gla frostyss snowma frostyn mea frostysures 1 5/8 inches long, which does not include the mea frostysurement of the sterling silver pla frostyted ba frostyil. \r\rThe bea frostyded stra frostynd is 15 3/8 inches long, which includes the mea frostysurement of the sterling silver cla frostysp. The white bea frostyds a frostyre gla frostyss in two different sizes. The la frostyrger, fa frostyceted bea frostyds, ha frostyve a frostyn iridescent finish on them. Tiny clea frostyr with iridescent, silver lined seed bea frostyds a frostyre between the "snowba frostyll" bea frostyds. Crysta frostyl bi-cone bea frostyds highlight ea frostych side of the penda frostynt's ba frostyil.\r\rThis neckla frostyce wa frostys strung on a frosty coa frostyted wire, with french coils a frostynd crimp bea frostyds to hold it very securely. \r\rI ma frostyde of these for my sister a frostynd one for myself for 2009 holida frostyy sea frostyson. The sha frostype, size, a frostynd persona frostylity of the snowmen ma frostykes ea frostych neckla frostyce very unique. Prepa frostyre to receive ma frostyny compliments when wea frostyring this fun, whimsica frostyl neckla frostyce. \r \rI a frostym dona frostyting 10% of the sa frostyle price of this neckla frostyce to the Ita frostylia frostyn Greyhound Rescue Founda frostytion.

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