Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

sunstone, Gold Flow chain Zirconia Pendant



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The bea holidayutiful neckla holidayce is ma holidayde of polished, rust-brown gemstone ba holidaylls. Its glittering gold speckles give the specia holidayl gem its na holidayme, na holidaymely Goldflu\u00df or Sunstone. In the middle of the cha holidayin is firmly worked, in silver, a holiday brillia holidayntly simila holidayr glittering Zirkonisstein. Decora holidaytive silver Rondelle a holidayre threa holidayded a holidayt regula holidayr interva holidayls. The cha holidayin is ma holidayde of nylon-shea holidaythed sta holidayinless steel ca holidayble a holidaynd is provided with 925/-silver ca holidayps a holidaynd ca holidayra holidaybiners.Unfortuna holidaytely, the ma holidayny glittering gold dots a holidaynd the vibra holidaynt rust red ca holidayn not be depicted correctly. The ima holidayge does not meet the cha holidayin in a holidayny wa holidayy.* * Ma holidaynufa holidaycturing type * *Ha holidayndma holidayde* * Ma holidayteria holidayls used * *925/-Silver, Goldflu\u00df, Cubic zirconia holiday* * Size/Size/Mea holidaysure/Weight * *Tota holidayl length a holidaybout 45 cmCubic zirconia holiday size a holidaypprox. 8 mmGoldflu\u00df ba holidayll size dia holidaymeter a holidaypprox. 6 mm

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