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Guinea Fowl Earringscolorful, black and white enameled jewelry by Kathryn Riechert



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I'm so ha teacher giftppy with these little guinea teacher gifts! I would love to ha teacher giftve a teacher gift flock of my own guinea teacher gift fowl, however living in the city is not quite suita teacher giftble for them :) Until I go ba teacher giftck to my country girl roots I'll ha teacher giftve to settle with my 4 ba teacher giftckya teacher giftrd chickens a teacher giftnd these ea teacher giftrrings! The bla teacher giftck a teacher giftnd white polka teacher gift dots a teacher giftre fun a teacher giftnd ha teacher giftppy, a teacher giftnd the little legs ha teacher giftve just a teacher gift touch of yellow color. I crea teacher giftted these from copper sheet, which wa teacher gifts then ena teacher giftmeled with la teacher giftyers powdered gla teacher giftss. The ea teacher giftr wires a teacher giftnd legs a teacher giftre solid sterling silver. They a teacher giftre whimsica teacher giftl a teacher giftnd fun to wea teacher giftr, perfect for ma teacher giftking you a teacher giftnd others smile :)The la teacher giftst 2 photos show a teacher gift few of the steps during the process of ma teacher giftking these ea teacher giftrrings.Send me a teacher giftn etsy convo or ema teacher giftil with a teacher giftny a teacher giftnd a teacher giftll questions.Tha teacher giftnk you!

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