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The white swan fairy tale- pop surrealism lucky charm,adjustable bracelet



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Title : "The white swa adjustable braceletn"cha adjustable braceletrm size a adjustable braceletpprox : 2 cmma adjustable braceletteria adjustable braceletl : meta adjustable braceletlcolor : silverThe bra adjustable braceletcelet closes with a adjustable bracelet ma adjustable braceletcra adjustable braceletme knot a adjustable braceletnd ca adjustable braceletn fit in ma adjustable braceletny sizes**All items a adjustable braceletre shipped on first priority ma adjustable braceletilShipping : This shipping includes tra adjustable braceletcking***For more info a adjustable braceletbout our work visit www.sevenkeys.euAll ima adjustable braceletges a adjustable braceletre copyrighted plea adjustable braceletse do not use themwithout my permission.

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