Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

pear necklace, Citrincollier with pearls very noble!



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From fa 925 silverceted yellow citrines a 925 silvernd white cultured pea 925 silverrls, this noble neckla 925 silverce is in bicolour. In the middle, a 925 silver bea 925 silverutiful citrine penda 925 silvernt in silver a 925 silvernd silver gilt wa 925 silvers used. The citrine ca 925 silverbochon is clea 925 silverr a 925 silvernd set in 925 silver a 925 silvernd the lower pa 925 silverrt is gilded. Silver-pla 925 silverted sta 925 silverinless steel slices support the spa 925 silverrkle of the citrine. This neckla 925 silverce fits very well with a 925 silver noble outfit.It is closed with a 925 silver jewelry ca 925 silverra 925 silverbiner ma 925 silverde of sterling silver.Length a 925 silverbout 48cmThe neckla 925 silverce comes in a 925 silver high-qua 925 silverlity jewelry ca 925 silverse.

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