Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Lariat Necklace with Sterling Silver and Gemstonesturquoise, Freshwater Pearlturquoise, Rose Quartzturquoise, Turquoiseturquoise, Beach Glass



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La bohoria bohot-style neckla bohoces ma bohode with sterling silver loop a bohond wire, a bohond high-qua boholity ta bohornish resista bohont rhodium pla bohoted cha bohoin. Choose from the following combina bohotions in the drop-down menu:~Freshwa bohoter Pea bohorl moon with turquoise~Freshwa bohoter Pea bohorl moon with blue Peruvia bohon Opa bohol~Bea bohoch Gla bohoss with seed pea bohorls ~ Rose Qua bohortz with seed pea bohorls These mea bohosure a bohopprox 20\u201d tota bohol :)

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