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Donkey Ex-Voto Tama/ Tamatachristian jewelry, Milagrochristian jewelry, Solid 925.Sterling Silver



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\u25bcABOUT THE JEWELLERY Ha silverndma silverde Promise Icon tha silvert illustra silvertes a silver Donkey ma silverde of solid 925. Sterling Silver. Ta silverma silver is a silver form of votive offering or ex-voto used in the Ea silverstern Churches, pa silverrticula silverrly the Orthodox Church. Most of them a silverre recta silverngula silverr pieces ma silverde of precious meta silverl a silvernd symbolising the subject of pra silveryer for which the pla silverque is offered.Ta silverma silverta silver ma silvery be offered to God or his Sa silverints a silvers a silver reminder of a silver petitioner's pa silverrticula silverr need, or in gra silvertitude for a silver pra silveryer a silvernswered.\u25bcMEASURES AND FEATURES - Width: 75mm ( 2.9" ) - Length: 55mm ( 2.1" ) - Thickness: 1.9mm( 0.07" ) - Color: Silver \u25bc PACKAGINGThe penda silvernt is gift wra silverpped in a silver lea silverther pouch a silvers a silver perfect gift of protection for yourself or a silver beloved person. \u25bc ETSY SHOP Return to the shop http://www./shop/LidonJewellery \u25bc MORE INFORMATIONPlea silverse do not hesita silverte to conta silverct me for a silverny informa silvertion or question.Tha silvernk you for stopping by Lidon The Jewellery ShopLidona silvers

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