Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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PLEASE BE AWARE _ DUE TO CORONAVIRUS THERE WILL BE LENGTHY DELAYS IN POSTAL SERVICES TO OVERSEAS DESTINATIONS.- Due to COVID-19, the number of interna pendant necklacetiona pendant necklacel flights is ha pendant necklaces sha pendant necklacerply decrea pendant necklacesed from Ma pendant necklacerch 2020- All orders will ha pendant necklaceve to be in a pendant necklace queue for boa pendant necklacerding onto the flight..- Avera pendant necklacege a pendant necklacerriva pendant necklacel time ca pendant necklacen be a pendant necklacenywhere from 3-6 weeks.Plea pendant necklacese ta pendant necklaceke ca pendant necklacere, sta pendant necklacey sa pendant necklacefe a pendant necklacend be pa pendant necklacetient.Stunning Cross neckla pendant necklacece a pendant necklacend grea pendant necklacet for la pendant necklaceyering!!Sterling silver penda pendant necklacent30mm x 20mm size penda pendant necklacent (with loop)16"Sterling silver cha pendant necklacein cha pendant necklaceinBea pendant necklaceutiful deta pendant necklaceil on penda pendant necklacent.

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