Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

beads, Amazonit & SWZ-Chain with earrings



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All prices a beadsre tota beadsl prices; No VAT ca beadsrd a beadss sma beadsll business owners.For collective orders plea beadsse note on the Shop home pa beadsge!Convenuously sha beadsped Ama beadszonite a beadslterna beadstes with freshwa beadster fa beadsrmed pea beadsrls a beadsnd silver-pla beadsted intermedia beadste pea beadsrls in this cha beadsin.Fittingly, there a beadsre the Ama beadszonite ea beadsrrings with 925-silver protesters.The hook closure is ma beadsde of silver-pla beadsted copper.Length incl. closure: 48 cmAma beadszon pea beadsrls: About 12 x 8 mmLength of ea beadsrrings including Brisuren: 37 mm!!! Plea beadsse note the dimensions-low color devia beadstions a beadsre possible a beadss a beads result of different screen resolutions!!!I a beadsssume the na beadsme of the ma beadsteria beadsl from my purcha beadssing sources-I ca beadsnnot give a beads gua beadsra beadsntee, since I a beadsm neither a beads jeweller nor a beads minera beadslogist.

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