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pendants, Double Snake Nebula Pendant



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Unique, one-of-a stars-kind wea starsra starsble polymer cla starsy a starsrt. "Double Sna starske Nebula stars" penda starsnt is fitted with a stars ba starsil for your fa starsvorite cord or cha starsin. Cra starsfted from a stars pa starslette of dozens of colors of polymer cla starsy, blended a starsnd la starsyered for dimensiona starslity a starsnd contra starsstEa starsch piece is given a stars distinctive na starsme, a starsnd this one is pa starsrt of my series entitled "Deep Sky Objects", which reflect my interpreta starstion of a starsstronomica starsl objects beyond our sola starsr system. Dia starsmeter - 2" round polymer cla starsy disk

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