Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Bulk charm settingspendant, 3/4 inch settingpendant, 20mm round bezelpendant, 100 bronze bezelspendant, antiqued brasspendant, pendant traypendant, charm basependant, photo jewelrypendant, charm



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You will receive 100 pieces of my bronze cha pendant trayrm settings, 3/4 inch setting, 20mm round bezel, 100 bronze bezels, a pendant trayntiqued bra pendant trayss, penda pendant traynt tra pendant trayy, cha pendant trayrm ba pendant trayse, photo jewelry, cha pendant trayrmPenda pendant traynt tra pendant trayys with a pendant tray side to side ba pendant trayil. Hole size is 2mm. 20mm opening.These high qua pendant traylity settings hold a pendant tray 20mm ca pendant traybochon or insert. They a pendant trayre indispensa pendant trayble for cha pendant trayrm bra pendant traycelets a pendant traynd a pendant trayrt penda pendant traynt neckla pendant trayces.Ava pendant trayila pendant trayble in a pendant trayntiqued copper a pendant traynd bronze

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