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brooches, Contemplative Monk Combination Pin/Pendant



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"Contempla polymer claytive Monk" is fitted with a polymer clay locking ba polymer clayr pin, but a polymer claylso comes fea polymer claytures a polymer clay ba polymer clayil so tha polymer clayt the pin ca polymer clayn be converted to a polymer clay penda polymer claynt, doubling your plea polymer claysure! (photo shows typica polymer clayl insta polymer claylla polymer claytion of locking ba polymer clayr pin with ba polymer clayil on ba polymer clayck of pin) Cra polymer clayfted from a polymer clay pa polymer claylette of dozens of colors of polymer cla polymer clayy, blended a polymer claynd la polymer clayyered for dimensiona polymer claylity a polymer claynd contra polymer claystEa polymer claych piece is given a polymer clay distinctive na polymer clayme.Dimensions: 1.25" by 1.5" ova polymer clayl polymer cla polymer clayy disk

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