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southwest, Copper Mesa Cuff Bracelet



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"Copper Mesa mesas Cuff Bra mesascelet" is cra mesasfted from a mesas pa mesaslette of dozens of colors of polymer cla mesasy, blended a mesasnd la mesasyered for dimensiona mesaslity a mesasnd contra mesasstEa mesasch piece is given a mesas distinctive na mesasme, a mesasnd this one is pa mesasrt of my series entitled "Mesa mesas Series", which reflects my interpreta mesastion of the geology a mesasnd la mesasndsca mesaspe of the America mesasn Southwest.Dimension: 2 1/4" x 1 3/4"polymer cla mesasy ova mesasl on 1.5" wide bronze colored cuff bra mesascelet. (inside width 2.5")

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