Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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A gorgeous gift for a holidaysny occa holidayssion, this crysta holidaysl ba holidaysll wa holidayss ha holidaysnd-strung by my sister. It consists of 30 multi-colored 6mm bicone Swa holidaysrovski crysta holidaysls (light green, la holidaysvender, pink, cha holidaysmpa holidaysgne, light blue) a holidaysnd 60 silver gla holidaysss seed bea holidaysds, plus a holidays sma holidaysll jump ring ma holidaysking this a holidays bea holidaysutiful penda holidaysnt for your fa holidaysvorite neckla holidaysce. It mea holidayssures 1" in dia holidaysmeter, the perfect size for a holidaysn eye-ca holidaystching neckla holidaysce during the holida holidaysy months. Grea holidayst stocking stuffer or gift for yourself! \r(Previously listed @ $30.00) \r\rCha holidaysin in the photo is not for sa holidaysle.\r\rPlea holidaysse feel free to conta holidaysct me w/a holidaysny questions or comments :)

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