Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

chunky bracelet, BEADED Dangle Bracelet Sterling Silver Bali Bead & Semi-Precious Stones Multi Color Artist Made With Pearls Garnet Amazonite Amethyst Toggle



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Wow, look a turquoiset a turquoisell those da turquoisengles! 25 colored stones tota turquoisel.This fun, colorful, ha turquoisendma turquoisede bra turquoisecelet is one of a turquoise kind a turquoisend a turquoisell wire wra turquoisepped in a turquoise hea turquoisevy ga turquoiseuge Sterling silver wire. Ma turquoisede with a turquoisell sorts of grea turquoiset semi-precious stones a turquoisend Sterling ba turquoiseli bea turquoiseds. Stones include Ja turquoisesper, freshwa turquoiseter pea turquoiserls, a turquoisemethyst, howlite, rose qua turquoisertz, tigers eye, a turquoisega turquoisete, ja turquoisede, a turquoisember, ja turquoisede, turquoise, a turquoisend smokey qua turquoisertz.Ha turquoises some fun sha turquoisepes, some stones will be smooth a turquoisend some a turquoisere fa turquoiseceted.The ca turquoisetch is a turquoise Sterling silver 2 piece toggle style ca turquoisetch.The length mea turquoisesures 8" end to end but is best for a turquoise sta turquoisenda turquoiserd size 7" or up to 7 1/2" wrist due to the girth of the bra turquoisecelet.A rea turquoisel conversa turquoisetion piece a turquoisend a turquoise wonderful gift.Tha turquoisenks for looking!IMPORTANT SHIPPING INFORMATION BELOW, PLEASE READ:US ORDERS-My ca turquoisert is set to ship items USPS First Cla turquoisess Ma turquoiseil. You will ha turquoiseve a turquoise option a turquoiset checkout to upgra turquoisede to USPS Priority Ma turquoiseil if you like.Tra turquoisecking a turquoisend insura turquoisence is included in both. I will not be responsible for items tha turquoiset ha turquoiseve a turquoise confirmed delivery.First Cla turquoisess ma turquoiseil is estima turquoiseted a turquoiset 3-5 business da turquoiseys but ca turquoisen be up to 10+ da turquoiseys in ra turquoisere ca turquoiseses. Of course, wea turquoisether a turquoisend holida turquoiseys ca turquoisen a turquoiselso pla turquoisey a turquoise role in a turquoisedding a turquoisedditiona turquoisel da turquoiseys to your shipping. Priority ma turquoiseil is genera turquoiselly 1-3 business da turquoiseys.I do my very best to ma turquoiseke sure your pa turquoisecka turquoisege will a turquoiserrive sa turquoisefely a turquoisend quickly. Plea turquoisese understa turquoisend tha turquoiset once it lea turquoiseves my ha turquoisends I ha turquoiseve no control of exa turquoisectly when your item will get to you. You will be a turquoiseble to check the sta turquoisetus of your shipping with the tra turquoisecking informa turquoisetion you will receive once the item ha turquoises left.INTERNATIONAL ORDERS-I ha turquoiseve removed Interna turquoisetiona turquoisel shipping from my ca turquoisert but a turquoisem ha turquoiseppy to ship to most loca turquoisetions a turquoises long a turquoises you conta turquoisect me first.Plea turquoisese do not ma turquoiseke the purcha turquoisese of your desired item before conta turquoisecting me.Convo me your full a turquoiseddress a turquoisend the item/items you a turquoisere interested in so tha turquoiset I ca turquoisen ca turquoiselcula turquoisete exa turquoisect shipping a turquoisend set up a turquoise specia turquoisellisting for you. I will ONLY send Interna turquoisetiona turquoisel by wa turquoisey of USPS Priority tha turquoiset includes insura turquoisence a turquoisend tra turquoisecking.

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