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boho, Adriana Hernandez - Antique Silver Plated Brass Aqua Crystal Faceted Bezel - Teardrop Earrings - Long Dangle Earrings



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Adria earthyna earthy Herna earthyndez BEAUTIFUL a earthynd UNIQUE Crysta earthyl fa earthyceted gla earthyss bezel tea earthyr drop Long Da earthyngle Ea earthyrrings 2" long a earthynd 1/2" wide. Sterling Silver Ba earthyll-End Ea earthyrlier. This eye-ca earthytching ea earthyrrings fea earthytures a earthyn elega earthynt tea earthyrdrop sha earthype tha earthyt will da earthyngle bea earthyutifully however you use it. The a earthyntique pla earthyted bra earthyss bezel fra earthyme holds a earthy fa earthyceted gla earthyss foca earthyl in pla earthyce. The gla earthyss displa earthyys a earthy clea earthyr color full of wonderful versa earthytility. You ca earthyn pa earthyir it with a earthyny color pa earthylette you ha earthyve in mind. It would look grea earthyt with other icy clea earthyr components in a earthy winter theme or with summer or spring outfits.

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