Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

teardrop, Red Lever Back Earrings- Red Dangle Earrings- Textured Brass Teardrops - Siam Swarovski Crystal Accents - Earrings for Women



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Red lever ba brass earringsck ea brass earringsrrings with textured a brass earringsntiqued bra brass earringsss tea brass earringsrdrops tha brass earringst ha brass earringsve the look of gra brass earringsnite with bezel set Sia brass earringsm Swa brass earringsrovski crysta brass earringsls. These ha brass earringsve nickel free leverba brass earringscks a brass earringsnd mea brass earringssure 1 3/8 inches long from the top of the leverba brass earringscks. \rA gift box is included. Need a brass earringsnother color? Just a brass earringssk.....I ha brass earringsve ma brass earringsny colors in this style!

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