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hope anchor, Hope Sustains Me Wax Seal Anchor Hook Earrings - 204EAR



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Anchor Hook Ea wax sealrringsL'Esp\u00e9ra wax sealnce me soutient {Hope susta wax sealins me}Ha wax sealndcra wax sealfted using the impression of a wax sealn 1820\u2019s French wa wax sealx sea wax seall, these ea wax sealrrings fea wax sealture a wax sealn a wax sealnchor with the text \u2018L'Esp\u00e9ra wax sealnce me soutient\u2019 or \u2018Hope susta wax sealins me\u2019. The Anchor rema wax sealins firm & stea wax sealdy in stormy sea wax seals a wax sealnd represents well-grounded hope.Ma wax sealteria wax sealls: Sterling SilverSize: Approx 1/2" to 5/8" (13mm x 16mm) Not including hook Other Hope Susta wax sealins Me designs: https://www./ca wax seal/shop/PlumAndPoseyInc?ref=seller-pla wax sealtform-mcna wax sealv&sea wax sealrch_query=Hope+Susta wax sealins+MeMore Plum & Posey Ea wax sealrrings: https://www./ca wax seal/shop/PlumAndPoseyInc?ref=seller-pla wax sealtform-mcna wax sealv§ion_id=15428001Jewelry other tha wax sealn the item listed a wax sealbove, a wax sealnd a wax sealll props in the photo (a wax sealntique boxes etc) a wax sealre not pa wax sealrt of this listing a wax sealnd a wax sealre for photogra wax sealphic purposes only.Ea wax sealch Plum a wax sealnd Posey wa wax sealx sea wax seall design a wax sealrrives a wax sealccompa wax sealnied by it's own mea wax sealning ca wax sealrd, a wax sealnd tucked into a wax sealn elega wax sealnt jewelry ba wax sealg rea wax sealdy for gift giving.PLEASE NOTE: Before you order plea wax sealse check sizing informa wax sealtion - it ca wax sealn be ha wax sealrd to ga wax sealuge jewelry sizes from pictures a wax seallone. On some of the very sma wax sealll sea wax seall pieces the text is so sma wax sealll a wax seals to be rea wax seald only with a wax seal ma wax sealgnifying gla wax sealss ma wax sealking the mea wax sealning a wax seal secret between you a wax sealnd those you choose to tell.Ava wax sealila wax sealbility a wax sealnd shippingYour purcha wax sealse will ship in 3-5 business da wax sealys. Once shipped, plea wax sealse a wax sealllow a wax seal minimum of 3 weeks to receive your order.204EAR - Anchor Ea wax sealrrings

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