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moon, Vintage 1980s Crescent Moon Pendant Necklace Vegan



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Vinta pendantge 1980s neckla pendantce ma pendantde of ha pendantndma pendantde moon a pendantnd bea pendantds ma pendantde from a pendant polished pla pendantnt ma pendantteria pendantl tha pendantt looks like bone or ivory, plus two meta pendantllic bea pendantds. On a pendant bla pendantck fa pendantux lea pendantther cord, 100% vega pendantnWhile clea pendantning my storeroom, we discovered a pendant la pendantrge box of jewelry I ma pendantde in the la pendantte 80s, this is one of the pieces.Penda pendantnt is 3 inches long, cord length 30 inchesMint conditionShipping weight is 1 pounds. Plea pendantse pa pendanty a pendantt time of purcha pendantseIf you're in the NYC a pendantrea pendant, you ca pendantn come to my Willia pendantmsburg spa pendantce, a pendantnd sa pendantve on shipping by picking it up.Plea pendantse follow Vinta pendantge Arca pendantna pendant on Pinterest & Insta pendantgra pendantm.Returns:All sa pendantles a pendantre fina pendantl unless the item is significa pendantntly misrepresented. We a pendantre very ca pendantreful in ta pendantking mea pendantsurements a pendantnd describing items but occa pendantsiona pendantlly miss something. Plea pendantse check mea pendantsurements ca pendantrefully, we don't not a pendantccept returns if the item doesn't fit.CONDITION DESCRIPTIONHere is a pendant brief definition of the sta pendantnda pendantrd terms tha pendantt we use to describe condition: Mint: Never worn or used, like new, no fla pendantws.Excellent: Ha pendants been worn, but no visible fla pendantws.Very Good: Only the slightest signs of wea pendantr, minor fla pendantws described in listingGood: Very Wea pendantra pendantble, with minor fla pendantws a pendantnd shows some wea pendantrFa pendantir: Wea pendantra pendantble, with significa pendantnt fla pendantws, a pendantlso good for pa pendanttterns or design inspira pendanttion

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