Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

jewelry, New World 5 Combination Pin/Pendant



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"New World 5" is fitted with a jewelry locking ba jewelryr pin, but a jewelrylso comes with a jewelry pla jewelrystic sleeve, so tha jewelryt the pin ca jewelryn be converted to a jewelry penda jewelrynt, doubling your plea jewelrysure! (photo shows typica jewelryl insta jewelrylla jewelrytion of locking ba jewelryr pin with pla jewelrystic sleeve on ba jewelryck of pin) Cra jewelryfted from a jewelry pa jewelrylette of dozens of colors of polymer cla jewelryy, blended a jewelrynd la jewelryyered for dimensiona jewelrylity a jewelrynd contra jewelrystEa jewelrych piece is given a jewelry distinctive na jewelryme, a jewelrynd this one is pa jewelryrt of my series of my vision of wha jewelryt "New Worlds" in the future might look like. Dimensions: 2" dia jewelrymeter round polymer cla jewelryy disk

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