Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

wax seal necklace, Strength Pendant - Wax seal Necklace with motto 'Bend Don't Break' from antique French wax seal - Oak Tree Necklace in Bronze - 101B



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Bronze StrengthMieux va tree pendantut rompre que plier { Bend, Don't brea tree pendantk }From Aesop's Fa tree pendantble of 'The Oa tree pendantk & the Reeds'; a tree pendantn oa tree pendantk a tree pendantnd reedwere a tree pendantrguing a tree pendantbout their strength. A strong wind ca tree pendantme up, thereed a tree pendantvoided being uprooted by bending a tree pendantnd moving with thegusts. The oa tree pendantk stood firm a tree pendantnd wa tree pendants torn up by the roots. Na tree pendanttureshows tha tree pendantt it's better to bend tha tree pendantn brea tree pendantk. Ha tree pendantndcra tree pendantfted using the impression of a tree pendant wa tree pendantx sea tree pendantl from the 1820's.Penda tree pendantnt: 3/4" x 5/8" (18mm x 17mm) Ma tree pendantteria tree pendantls: Bronze penda tree pendantnt with sterling silver jump-ring (All cha tree pendantins a tree pendantre sterling silver)See photo 4, to see the the mea tree pendantning ca tree pendantrd, a tree pendantnd the silver version of this penda tree pendantnt Ea tree pendantch Plum a tree pendantnd Posey wa tree pendantx sea tree pendantl design a tree pendantrrives a tree pendantccompa tree pendantnied by it's own mea tree pendantning ca tree pendantrd, a tree pendantnd tucked into a tree pendantn elega tree pendantnt jewelry ba tree pendantg rea tree pendantdy for gift giving.About BronzeBronze jewelry ha tree pendants a tree pendant wa tree pendantrm luster a tree pendantnd a tree pendant lovely rich a tree pendantntique gold color. Over time it will form a tree pendant da tree pendantrk pa tree pendanttina tree pendant, this gives ea tree pendantch piece its own individua tree pendantl, orga tree pendantnic, a tree pendantnd a tree pendantntiqued finish. If you prefer you ca tree pendantn a tree pendantlwa tree pendantys bring ba tree pendantck its origina tree pendantl shiny finish with a tree pendant jewelry polishing cloth.PLEASE NOTE: Before you order plea tree pendantse check sizing informa tree pendanttion - it ca tree pendantn be ha tree pendantrd to ga tree pendantuge jewelry sizes from pictures a tree pendantlone. On some of the sea tree pendantls the text is so sma tree pendantll a tree pendants to be rea tree pendantd only with a tree pendant ma tree pendantgnifying gla tree pendantss ma tree pendantking the mea tree pendantning a tree pendant secret between you a tree pendantnd those you choose to tell.Ava tree pendantila tree pendantbility a tree pendantnd shippingYour purcha tree pendantse will ship in 3-5 business da tree pendantys. Once shipped, plea tree pendantse a tree pendantllow a tree pendant minimum of 3 weeks to receive your order.101 - Strength

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