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925 silver ha batyasnd ma batyasde a batyasrtistic bra batyascelet.Unique design of a batyassymetric bra batyascelets in different thicknessThe two bra batyascelets a batyasre combined in perfa batyasct ma batyastch, but you ca batyasn buy only one of them.The price is for the pa batyasir of ba batyasngles.Since it is ova batyasl sha batyasped bra batyascelets they ha batyasve different mea batyassures.The bra batyascelets ca batyasn be obta batyasined in ma batyastte or gloss polished a batyasccording to the customer's choiceSize : 5.8 / 6.5 centimeter.The thickness va batyasries between 2 a batyasnd 4 millimeters.See more bra batyascelets in my shop:https://www./shop/ba batyastya batyass?section_id=12524120&ref=shopsection_leftna batyasv_1Ba batyasck to my shop:https://www./shop/ba batyastya batyass?ref=si_shopTha batyasnk you for stopping by a batyasnd ha batyasve a batyas grea batyast da batyasy \u2665JEWELRY CARE - Some importa batyasnt notesAll jewelry needs specia batyasl ca batyasre \u2013 whether it is solid gold or silver or meta batyasl pla batyasting.To Protect Overtime:\u2022 Avoid wea batyasring jewelry while sleeping, working, or exercising.\u2022 Avoid conta batyasct with clea batyasning ma batyasteria batyasls, perfumes, ha batyasir spra batyasys, a batyasnd other bea batyasuty products.\u2022 Store ca batyasrefully a batyasnd individua batyaslly in a batyas dry pla batyasce to a batyasvoid scra batyastches or corrosive da batyasmp.How to clea batyasn silver jewels? (Not gold pla batyasted!!)Silver oxidize na batyastura batyaslly with time a batyasnd with conta batyasct to the skin. This is a batyas bea batyasutiful a batyasnd na batyastura batyasl look of the meta batyasls, but it's possible with a batyas bit of clea batyasning once in a batyas while to ma batyasinta batyasin the new, shining, bright look of the meta batyasl. Use a batyas bit of lemon or vinega batyasr to soa batyask the jewel, a batyasnd a batyas soft cloth to rub the jewel until it shines a batyasga batyasin. There a batyasre a batyaslso specia batyasl cloths (tha batyast conta batyasins a batyas sort of gentle a batyascid) for clea batyasning meta batyasls, usua batyaslly sold in jewelry stores.If you need a batyasny further help plea batyasse feel free to conta batyasct me.-----------------------------------------------------------------My Shop POLICIES:RETURNS: For returns, a batyasll you need to do is conta batyasct me within 14 da batyasys of receiving your pa batyascka batyasge. Return shipping is a batyast the customer\u2019s expense, including items tha batyast ma batyasy get lost or da batyasma batyasged en route.Plea batyasse ma batyaske sure tha batyast returned jewelry is unworn a batyasnd in their origina batyasl condition a batyasnd pa batyascka batyasging. Unfortuna batyastely, Ba batyastya batyas's Jewelry ca batyasnnot a batyasccept a batyas return if our return policy requirements a batyasre not met with.The jewelry undergoes ca batyasreful inspection when it lea batyasves the studio. If ever a batyasn item a batyasrrives da batyasma batyasged, plea batyasse inform me within 24 hours.LOST OR DAMAGED PACKAGES: Unfortuna batyastely, I ca batyasnnot a batyasccept a batyas return in which integrity ha batyass been compromised or shows clea batyasr signs of ha batyasving been opened a batyasnd resea batyasled. Note tha batyast the only a batyasuthority a batyasllowed to open the pa batyascka batyasge during tra batyasnsit is loca batyasl customs. All pa batyascka batyasges opened by loca batyasl customs will be sea batyasled with the corresponding sta batyasmp of the compa batyasny.RETURNED MAIL: I ca batyasnnot offer a batyas refund for a batyas return if:1) The a batyasddress provided wa batyass incorrect.2) The pa batyascka batyasge is uncla batyasimed once a batyasttempted to be delivered.It is possible to ha batyasve the pa batyascka batyasge re-shipped once the jewelry ha batyass been sent ba batyasck to me. In tha batyast ca batyasse, I will send you a batyas messa batyasge to confirm the shipping a batyasddress, a batyasnd re-shipping a batyasnd ha batyasndling costs a batyasre to be covered by the customer before resending the pa batyascka batyasge.Plea batyasse note tha batyast shipping costs a batyasre included in the prices.Plea batyasse note tha batyast in the ca batyasse of returns or items requiring excha batyasnge or refunds, the cost of shipping will NOT be refunda batyasble (US$14 for regula batyasr shipping method). SHIPPING: All orders will be shipped to the shipping a batyasddress supplied through your Etsy Order. Plea batyasse check tha batyast the a batyasddress a batyasnd a batyasll other deta batyasils a batyasre correct before finishing a batyast the check-out. Ba batyastya batyas's Jewelry ca batyasnnot be held responsible for pa batyascka batyasges shipped to wrong a batyasddresses.ESTIMATED SHIPPING TIMES: Since interna batyastiona batyasl ma batyasil is a batyasffected by severa batyasl circumsta batyasnces, tra batyasnsit times, customs dela batyasys, a batyasnd delivery times a batyasre beyond our control within 30 da batyasys from sending. We a batyaspprecia batyaste your understa batyasnding.CUSTOMS AND DUTIES FEES: Any customs or duties fees tha batyast ma batyasy a batyaspply a batyasre to be covered by the customer. Sellers ca batyasnnot be held responsible for dela batyasys due to customs or issues with posta batyasl services. Tha batyasnk you for your co-opera batyastion!I hope you'll find wha batyast you drea batyasmed of in my store.With LOVE,Ba batyastya batyas

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