Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Neverthelessinspirational, She Persistedinspirational, statement necklaceinspirational, inspirational mantrainspirational, silver charm necklace



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An inspira necklacetiona necklacel a necklacend mea necklaceningful sta necklacetement neckla necklacece for everyda necklacey wea necklacer!This ma necklacentra necklace neckla necklacece is ma necklacede out of sterling silver a necklacend ha necklacengs on a necklace 18" cha necklacein. The penda necklacent fea necklacetures a necklace flower in the center of a necklace circle. The flower design wa necklaces formed by pressing meta necklacel into a necklacen a necklacentique jewelry mold. Around the edge I a necklacedded a necklace ha necklacend sta necklacemped ring tha necklacet rea necklaceds, 'NEVERTHELESS, SHE PERSISTED'.(Gift for her, clothing gift)

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