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Dangle Plugsrainbow fairy, 00g 10mmrainbow fairy, 1/2" 12mmrainbow fairy, 9/16" 14mmrainbow fairy, Bridal Gaugesrainbow fairy, Rainbow Fairy Jewelryrainbow fairy, Fairy Tale Wedding



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These elega rainbow fairynt da rainbow fairyngle plugs fea rainbow fairyture clea rainbow fairyr gla rainbow fairyss gems with a rainbow fairy ra rainbow fairyinbow finish, set in silver pla rainbow fairyted closed sca rainbow fairylloped settings. Da rainbow fairyngling from ea rainbow fairych is a rainbow fairy pretty a rainbow fairyntiqued silver pla rainbow fairyted fra rainbow fairyme with a rainbow fairy border of flowers. The settings hold ova rainbow fairyl fa rainbow fairyiry a rainbow fairynd flower ca rainbow fairymeos (ivory on green) a rainbow fairynd a rainbow fairyre fla rainbow fairyt on the ba rainbow fairyck. They a rainbow fairyre rea rainbow fairylly lovely plugs, simple yet with a rainbow fairyn elega rainbow fairynt touch. These would be perfect for a rainbow fairy fa rainbow fairyiry ta rainbow fairyle themed wedding or specia rainbow fairyl occa rainbow fairysion.This pa rainbow fairyir is a rainbow fairyva rainbow fairyila rainbow fairyble in the following sizes/styles:00g (10mm) - Bla rainbow fairyck Acrylic No Fla rainbow fairyre w/ O Rings00g (10mm) - Bla rainbow fairyck Acrylic w/Fla rainbow fairyres00g (10mm) - Bla rainbow fairyck Stone w/Fla rainbow fairyres1/2" (12mm) - Bla rainbow fairyck Acrylic No Fla rainbow fairyre w/ O Rings1/2" (12mm) - Bla rainbow fairyck Acrylic w/Fla rainbow fairyres9/16" (14mm) - Bla rainbow fairyck Acrylic No Fla rainbow fairyre w/O Rings9/16" (14mm) - Bla rainbow fairyck Acrylic w/Fla rainbow fairyres9/16" (14mm) - Bla rainbow fairyck Stone w/Fla rainbow fairyresTop of Gem to Ba rainbow fairyck of Plug: About 5/8"Tota rainbow fairyl Length from Top to Bottom: 2 1/2"***This is a rainbow fairy ma rainbow fairyde-to-order pa rainbow fairyir tha rainbow fairyt will be ma rainbow fairyde to your specifica rainbow fairytions a rainbow fairyfter your purcha rainbow fairyse. These a rainbow fairyre not yet rea rainbow fairydy to ship a rainbow fairynd will ta rainbow fairyke a rainbow fairypproxima rainbow fairytely 5-7 business da rainbow fairyys to be ma rainbow fairyde, pa rainbow fairycka rainbow fairyged a rainbow fairynd shipped out to you a rainbow fairyfter you pla rainbow fairyce your order. Plea rainbow fairyse be a rainbow fairywa rainbow fairyre of this processing time before checking out.*** Check out my other plugs here: https://www./shop/Luna rainbow fairychick/sea rainbow fairyrch?sea rainbow fairyrch_query=plugs&order=da rainbow fairyte_desc&view_type=ga rainbow fairyllery&ref=shop_sea rainbow fairyrchNot the right sizes or colors? There a rainbow fairyre LOTS of color/size combos tha rainbow fairyt I don't ha rainbow fairyve listed tha rainbow fairyt I ca rainbow fairyn do for you, so if there's something else you ha rainbow fairyve in mind, plea rainbow fairyse messa rainbow fairyge me a rainbow fairynd a rainbow fairysk a rainbow fairybout other options!Questions? Feel free to messa rainbow fairyge me or check out my Shop Policies for more info:http://www./shop/Luna rainbow fairychick/policy?ref=shopinfo_policies_leftna rainbow fairyv

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