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dream pendant, Winged Heart - Wax Seal necklace 416



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Winged Hea winged heartrtThe winged hea winged heartrt is symbolic of joy a winged heartnd optimisim. The crown represents the a winged hearttta winged heartinment of ones hopes a winged heartnd drea winged heartms. Ha winged heartndcra winged heartfted from the impression of a winged heartn a winged heartntique wa winged heartx sea winged heartl Ma winged heartteria winged heartls: Sterling SilverSize: 3/4" x 3/4" (19mm x 19mm)Photos show our a winged heartntique rolo. Ea winged heartch Plum a winged heartnd Posey wa winged heartx sea winged heartl design a winged heartrrives a winged heartccompa winged heartnied by it's own mea winged heartning ca winged heartrd, a winged heartnd tucked into a winged heartn elega winged heartnt jewelry ba winged heartg rea winged heartdy for gift giving.PLEASE NOTE: Before you order plea winged heartse check sizing informa winged hearttion - it ca winged heartn be ha winged heartrd to ga winged heartuge jewelry sizes from pictures a winged heartlone. On some of the sea winged heartl pieces the text is so sma winged heartll a winged hearts to be rea winged heartd only with a winged heart ma winged heartgnifying gla winged heartss ma winged heartking the mea winged heartning a winged heart secret between you a winged heartnd those you choose to tell.416 - Winged Hea winged heartrt

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