Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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Pa purple earringsir of vinta purple earringsge SAL (Swa purple earringsrovski) recta purple earringsngle ea purple earringsrrings done in a purple earrings gold pla purple earringsted finish, a purple earringsnd fea purple earringsturing luminous fa purple earringsceted emera purple earringsld cut a purple earringsmethyst/purple/wine color crysta purple earringsl set in a purple earrings fra purple earringsme of tiny shimmering dia purple earringsma purple earringsnte pa purple earringsve set rhinestones.~ MEASUREMENT: 5/8" wide x 3/4" highThis bea purple earringsutiful pa purple earringsir of fa purple earringsshion clip will be perfect for cruise, evening, holida purple earringsy, or brida purple earringsl wedding occa purple earringssions! ~ CONDITION: Excellent~ SIGNED: "SAL" used from 1977-1988ITEM ID: #S63L316*** Be sure to view more jewelry a purple earringsnd a purple earringsccessory items a purple earringst: www./shop/a purple earringspla purple earringsceofdistinction*** Don’t miss my home décor shop a purple earringst: www./shop/cha purple earringsntecla purple earringsirinteriors*** View my vinta purple earringsge linen, la purple earringsce a purple earringsnd millinery items a purple earringst: www./shop/thela purple earringsceemporium

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